About us

Why we exist

At CellaVino our goal is to bring you closer to the wine you drink through Technology. Now that’s a big goal, and one that we’ll probably never be done with. So we’re going to start small and keep working towards it to stay focused.

Wine is complex, there are many things that go into making it, and plenty of variables that can affect how it tastes, looks and feels. We want to provide you with the information to understand more about, the winery, winemarkers, region, terroir and/or the variety.

Our site isn’t about having the biggest range possible, it’s about finding quality expressions of a particular region/grape and bringing it to you at a great price.

By keeping our range small (3 wineries from each region at most) it forces us to find the best examples of place and keeps our costs down, meaning better prices for you.

All our wines have been tasted by us so we can assure you they’re quality wines. One of the ways we showcase different examples of regions is through our discovery packs. One grape from around the world, helping you discover the difference between the regions. Stay tuned!