Domaine Faiveley is one of the largest vineyard owners in Burgundy with over 300 acres of vines. They were established in 1825 and remains in the Faiveley family to this day. Erwan Faiveley (born 1979) is currently in charge, along with his sister Eve.

The chief winemaker since 2007 is Jerome Flous, who has helped modernise the Faiveley wines, reducing the tannins and focusing the wine more on the fruit.

We’ve chosen Faiveley as a great example of the Burgundian style, as they produce incredible bottles costing thousands of dollars but also everyday drinking wines.

Here’s a fantastic video of Erwan explaining wine from Burgundy, and why its different from the ‘New World’ wines, plus a bit of the Domaine’s history.

Check out some other videos about the wines from Domaine Faiveley

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