Guigal was established in 1946 by Étienne Guigal, it has been managed by his son Marcel Guigal since 1961 and now Marcel’s son Philippe has become and active part of the business.

Guigal shot to fame when in the 80’s Robert Parker heaped praise on Guigal’s wines, commenting “In the past 26 years I have spent visiting wineries and vignerons, I have never seen a producer so fanatical about quality as Marcel Guigal”.

“Over and above the cultural and patrimonial aspects, all the attention which goes into each stage of the winemaking process is focussed on bringing intense, sometimes unexpected, pleasure. A great wine should be enjoyed and shared in good company and if it arouses passion and emotion then this wine from the Maison GUIGAL will have achieved its true meaning”

Philippe Guigal